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Hon. Professor Makame Mbarawa (MP) Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, Hon. Charles Kitwanga (MP) Deputy Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, Mr. Jeremiah Sendoro Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology, Prof. Fredrick Mwanuzi Chairman of the DIT Council, Honourable Councillors of the DIT Council, Government Officials Present, Heads of Universities and Institutions Present, Prof. John Kondoro, Principal of DIT, Members of the DIT community, Members of the Press and Media, Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, At the outset, let me take this opportunity to thank the organisers of this function for setting up such an important occasion where we are celebrating a launching of a scientific book. The importance of the function comes from the fact that writing relevant textbooks is not an easy task and more so, writing textbooks for teaching science subjects. Launching a textbook for teaching Quantum Mechanics at the University level is something to be proud of. Therefore, I would like to congratulate the late Prof. Kiwanga and Prof. Kondoro for having devoted their time to write a book that we will be launched shortly, this is a noble achievement. Indeed, I’m happy to be part of this gathering and thank you very much for the invitation. Honourable Minister, The fourth government has been putting a lot of emphasis on improving access to better education at the secondary and tertiary levels. The government, in collaboration with other stakeholders (development partners, private sector and the citizens), is focusing in putting basic infrastructure and providing better teaching and learning environment. As we all know that the government is committed towards supporting the training of teachers, building and equipping laboratories, providing staff housing and relevant books. Therefore, initiatives of writing textbooks that could be used in our schools as well as in our Universities greatly complement government efforts to provide quality education to its people at a relatively lower cost than what would have been the case. Thus, I commend these efforts and I encourage other academicians to do the same. Honourable Minister, With the current expansion of secondary schools and universities, the demand for good books is very high and it will continue to grow. It is often hard to find good books for teaching science that have the background of the students in mind, the syllabus and even the local experience. Although the language of science is universal but often concepts of mathematics and science could be better explained when the author has in mind the perception of the reader. Besides, students come from different schools which are equipped differently in science, something that may require special attention of the author. I believe the late Prof. Kiwanga and Prof. Kondoro reflected on the factors mentioned above when writing their textbook. Honourable Minister, We understand that writing books is a very difficult task because it requires time to be set aside to conceptualise about the topics and how to deliver them efficiently, unambiguously and in simple clear terms all which require time and money. The task is quite hard in our environment due to staff having excessive teaching loads coupled with their engagement in research and sometimes administration activities. Publishing the manuscript also requires substantial financial resources to pay the publisher as a guarantee for his/her investment. It is for this reason that I would like to convey sincere gratitude to those who provided funding in the preparation of the manuscript and finally printing of this book. The Government pledges to continue to support similar initiatives especially those geared towards writing of science books in the country. I would also like to appeal to other stakeholders, particularly the private sector to support initiatives of this kind because our schools and universities need textbooks. Honourable Minister, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, The proportion of the population of those who read books and usually buy them, particularly science books is currently small. I would like to urge our fellow Tanzanians to develop a tradition of buying and reading books because there is a lot of knowledge and experience to be gained from books. If our academicians can continue writing good books, the market will always be there. With the expansion of the East African community, the population of students and people reading books and, therefore, the market for books will increase. Once the process of harmonising the system of education in the region has been completed, the market for selling text books in science will be even bigger. Let us write good quality and relevant books and we will have a market that will be ready to buy them. Honourable Minister, Writing and publishing books locally for schools and institutions of higher learning is very important, because buying books from abroad is very expensive and uses foreign exchange. It is also important, because our curricula are designed to be appropriate to our needs. Therefore, a teacher may need several textbooks to develop appropriate material for teaching. Honourable Minister, Our Universities and research institutions have produced many renowned academicians and researchers. The country could benefit from these brains if they could document their knowledge, skills or experiences in books for the benefit of the future generation. I urge the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology to continue motivating these researchers and scientists to write books which can be used in our higher learning institutions. I would like once again to congratulate the authors (the late Prof. Kiwanga and Prof. Kondoro) for their achievement. I thank SIDA/SAREC and the government of Sweden for their support which produced a manuscript of the product that we will shortly launch. Once again, the government of Tanzania acknowledges the support of all those who assisted the authors in one way or the other in transforming the manuscript to a book and those who will be involved in its marketing and distribution. Honorable Minister, Distinguish Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, With these remarks, I am now ready to launch the book authored by the Late Prof. Christopher Kiwanga and Prof. John Kondoro entitled Quantum Mechanics. I thank you very much for your attention.


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